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We sell a variety of practical equipment, including professional juggling balls and water bottles embossed with our logo. Our clothing for sale includes CircusWest t-shirts, in multiple styles/colours, and some unitards. We also sell fun things, like buttons and clown noses, because what kind of circus store would we be without clown noses?

You can learn about some of our items and prices below, or you can drop by the front desk at CircusWest where there’s a display cabinet to check them out in person. To make sure we have the item you want stocked, please contact the office before coming by: or 604.252.3679.

Next time you find yourself searching for something for the person that has everything, or wishing you had juggling balls to practice with, visit the VERVE store at CircusWest. Just like a bathroom fixture store…but with scarves and clown noses instead of sinks and toilets. The table below shows just some of our offerings. Come by and have a look or contact us for more information.




Professional juggling balls (set of 3)

Orange and yellow; embossed with CircusWest logo


Juggling scarves (set of 3)

Red, yellow, blue; introductory juggling


CircusWest water bottle

Red aluminum; includes carabiner on lid; embossed with CircusWest logo   


Clown nose

Red; foam; delightful