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Circus Camps

CircusWest camps are a great opportunity for those already enrolled in CirKids (or dance or gymnastics programs) to improve their skills — and learn some new ones, too. Learn to juggle, ride a unicycle, jump on a trampoline, or build human pyramids!

On the last afternoon of our full-day camps, the campers share their new skills with friends and family in a special showcase that they’ve created together. The show always surprises the audience with the incredible level of creativity, skill, and mutual support displayed by the young performers. For half-day mini camps, parents are welcome to arrive early on the last day to take photos.

Location: Garden Auditorium, PNE, 2901 East Hastings St., Vancouver

Note: The Summer Mini camps are for ages 5-6, and the Intensives are for ages 12-45. All other camps are for 7-14 years old.

Note: Summer camps at the PNE begin in July only. See our other locations for camps beginning in August. August camps include all skills covered at the PNE camps except trampoline.

Summer Intensives: intended for current intermediate and advanced students of circus or gymnastics, and dance enthusiasts who are looking to reach a new level of skill and development in their training. Students will be able to choose a specialty to focus on, and will receive additional training in secondary areas. Focus specialties include aerials, tumbling, trampoline, handstands, German wheel and roue cyr. All students will also have the opportunity to broaden their abilities with dance instruction and strength and flexibility training. If you are not able to do the full camp, you can select which days you are able to attend and your fee will be pro-rated accordingly. Please note, once you register, you will not be able to change which days you attend.

Location: Stratford Hall MYP Gymnasium, 3150 Commercial Drive, Vancouver (at East 14th Ave.)