CircusWest is rolling in to the November rain in style with new class offerings. If you’re an adult or teen (13+) looking to master a new skill, we’ve got you covered with four new classes starting in our Session 3, November 5 – December 15.

Circus Bravo: Like our popular Ringmasters program (but for adults!), this introductory class covers a variety of disciplines. Students 18+ will learn juggling, acrobatics, trampoline and trapeze, to name a few. This class will have you saying布拉沃!مرحى! Bravo!

Chinese Pole: Start from the bottom with this introductory class – learn to grip, climb and pose on the vertical circus pole. Core strength and flexibility will be primary focuses. You’ll be in historic company if you take this class – the Chinese Pole has been around since the 1100s.

Roue Cyr: This class will cover roue cyr basics, so that you can learn to spin and start performing acrobatics in the wheel. Focuses will be on developing core strength and basic acro skills. Question: how many roue cyrs does it take to make a German Wheel? Answer: Two!

German Wheel: This introductory class will cover the basics of the acrobatic wheel, such as: basic rolls, simple acrobatics, inversions and poses. There will be a focus on alignment and conditioning. Fun fact: the German Wheel was invented by a railway worker who missed rolling down hills in a barrel.

Sign up for any (or all!) of these classes through the website. Have questions? Reach out to us at, 604-252-3679, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon…

So what if it’s raining outside? Come to CircusWest, go through the roue cyr spin cycle and dry yourself off circus-style.