ILLUSIVE: A Peek Into The Possibilities, Part Three

Last time, on ILLUSIVE: A Circus of Possibilities…

In CircusWest’s upcoming student production, we follow characters that have their worlds turned inside out. Working together, they will put math, art, circus and the concept of reality to the test. The characters explore four worlds that come from aspects of the art of MC Escher: tessellation, fractals and spirals, polyhedra, and impossible geometry. We travel with an Artist through a 2D world of tessellations, and then we meet an Architect who gets lost in a fractal forest and has to team up with the Artist to figure a way out of the infinite patterns. Which brings us to

WORLD THREE, in which we explore the geometric shapes known as polyhedra. Poly meaning “many”, hedra (plural of hedron) meaning “seat”. Here, we navigate a construction site that’s gone wonky. The bureaucrats join forces with the Architect and the Artist to puzzle their way out, and along the way they encounter disgruntled cops and scaffolding that traps people. In this one, they really have to think outside the cube.

ILLUSIVE runs May 10 – 13, 2018. Shows at 12:30 and 7:00pm. Tickets online:

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