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Move your class out from behind their desks! Circus teaches a range of lessons about hard work, teamwork, trust and support, performance, and art. Plus, it’s fun exercise. How often does that happen?

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Discover CircusWest!

Workshop details
We offer 2- or 3-hour workshops that rotate students through several circus skills, such as:

  • Aerials
  • Object manipulation/juggling
  • Human pyramids

Bookings are available from September to June.

Workshop length Ages Child-to-coach ratio Group size
2 hours 5-6 years old 6 children : 1 coach 12-30
2 hours 7+ years old 8 children : 1 coach 14-35
3 hours 7+ years only 8 children : 1 coach 21-42


Please note, just one 5 or 6 year old changes the ratios (to 6:1) and maximums (to 12-30), even if the majority of the group is 7 years old or older. Groups larger than 42 will be split into multiple workshops. Parent/teacher chaperones who wish to participate will need to be factored into the total group size and final price.

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Outreach bookings tailored to a schools needs.

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