Adult & Teen Sessionals

For ages 13 to adult, these single-focus sessional classes cover popular circus arts as well as performance and conditioning skills.
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Still not sure if this class is for you? 
Ask about our CircusWest Skills Assessment (CSA). Future students will have access to the facility under the supervision of a certified instructor in the class they are interested in joining. The student will receive feedback on their skills and if the class is the not the right fit, the instructor will direct them to one that is more appropriate.

Tumbling students will work to build skills on the rod floor and the tumble-track. There will be a focus on technique, and building the strength necessary for tricks and further training. Beginner-friendly!

Introductory classes will teach the fundamentals of aerial hoop and trapeze. Intermediate classes will focus on building transitions between skills and developing short routines. All students will gain confidence in the air while developing strength and flexibility on aerial apparatus.

Nick performing Chinese Pole at the I Love Circus Cabaret

Class not currently offered. Please check back later. Thanks!

Defy gravity on the Chinese Pole! Learn how to climb, grip and perform basic poses on the Chinese pole. Focus on core strength conditioning and flexibility in the class to enable development of more complex holds, climbs, maneuvers and Chinese pole skill sequencing.

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? — but didn’t know what you wanted to do when you got there! Intro to Circus will introduce you to a new circus discipline each week! The class will include instruction on Trampoline, Tightwire, Unicycle and Juggling! Intro to Circus is for beginners with some circus curiosity!

Class not currently offered. Please check back later — thanks!

Spin around and around in this unique class focusing on the fundamentals of German Wheel. Learn basic rolls, simple acrobatics, inversions and poses in the large acrobatic wheel. Focus on alignment and conditioning to enable the learning of sequencing skills together and more advanced German wheel skills.

Come juggle with us! This class will address not only juggling techniques with a variety of props, but also object manipulation theories.

Introductory classes are geared to beginners and intermediate students. Working in pairs and groups, students will learn basic skills and techniques for partner balancing, including partner pyramids and hand balancing.

Partner Acro is an exciting blend of partner yoga, acrobatics and circus main à main. This class introduces the fundamentals of static acrobatic and partner body balancing and it challenges partners to develop strength and flexibility through movement and dynamic balance.

Learn the skills necessary to spin and perform acrobatics in a large metal spinning circus wheel called the Roue Cyr. Students will develop wheel acceleration, spinning, wheel waltzes, and safe deceleration skills. Class will focus on core strength development and basic acrobatic skills need to foster proficiency.

Have you always wanted to try aerials but think you aren’t strong enough or flexible enough? Do you want to take your aerial practice to the next level? Do you need to regain your pre-COVID shape? This fast moving mat class will focus on core strength as well as flexibility and muscular strength specific to aerials. Exercises can be modified for different levels of ability. You will be happy you tried this class.

Beginner trapeze students will enjoy this class as they build their swinging trapeze repertoire. In addition to learning new skills, students will be guided toward building a trapeze act with music of their choice.

Level I classes are designed for students who are new to tissu. Students will learn to climb, invert, tie footlocks and complete basic drops. Once students have progressed to linking multiple skills in the air and completing clean inversions they will have the option of moving to Level II.

Level II classes focus on smooth, creative transitions between skills and learning longer, more complicated sequences. Students are expected to be able to climb to the top of the Tissu at least twice during warm up, invert with straight legs and link more then three skills together without resting on the ground in between. This class encourages students to work towards intermediate wrapping and release skills as well as developing a routine.

Intro to Aerials: Curious about aerial arts? Not sure if you want to commit for a full sessional? This is a one time introductory class that gives you the chance to try different aerial apparatuses. During the class you will learn the very basics of aerial hoop, trapeze and silks. This class is aimed at everybody that is interested in aerial arts, no previous skill level is required.

Level I classes begin with non-inverted skills and moves participants toward developing Level II and III skills for inverted flipping and twisting.

In this class, the students will work basic unicycle skills. Learn how to get on and off the unicycle, practicing riding using support, possible ride with no support. Once the student has learned to ride in a straight line we will work on turning, free-mounts, idling and more.