Informal Training & CATS

Informal Training and CATS (Circus Artist Training Sessions) are for circus artists already trained in the equipment and disciplines they’ll be practicing. Participants in Informal Training should have prior experience in a CircusWest (or similar training elsewhere) specialty classes and can work safely independently.
Still not sure if this class is for you?
Ask about our CircusWest Skills Assessment (CSA). Future students will have access to the facility under the supervision of a certified instructor in the class they are interested in joining. The student will receive feedback on their skills and if the class is the not the right fit, the instructor will direct them to one that is more appropriate.
There is a coach on-site to set up equipment and watch for safety.


To participate in CATS and/or Informal Training, all participants are required to;

  • purchase a CircusWest Yearly Membership at $16 (valid September 1st – August 31st)
  • purchase Yearly Insurance at $42 (valid September 1st – August 31st)
  • Read and sign the CircusWest Acknowledgement of Risk 

Payment: please pay for your training session before arriving to it. You can do this by updating your Member Profile Page (created when you register) with a credit card, or by calling in with credit card information for one-time payments (604-252-3679). If you have difficulty paying this way, please contact the office so we can arrange payment before your session: 604-252-3679 or Thank you!