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Informal Training (and CATS)

Informal Training and CATS (Circus Artist Training Sessions) are for circus artists already trained in the equipment and disciplines they’ll be practicing. There is a coach on-site to set up equipment and watch for safety.

Please note, we will not be running Informal Training at this time.

*Please note, CATS has been restructured to fit within our COVID-19 guidelines. It is no longer “drop in”. All participants will need to register in advance, and there will only be a select number of spots available for each area per time slot. Read on for more details on the new process — and thank you for your attention to these changes!*

To participate in CATS:

1. Register for a time slot and training area, below. The price is $12.50 per 75 minutes. You are welcome to sign up for 2 sessions back-to-back, space permitting, but we do require you to leave the gym between sessions. 

Time A: 12:15 – 1:30pm

Time B: 1:45 – 3:00pm

Aerials (4 spots) Participants are encouraged to bring their own aerial apparatus for designated use. CircusWest can also provide an aerial apparatus but will ask participant to help clean after use using CircusWest disinfectant and sanitizers.

Groundwork (6 spots)
This is the location for handstands, and acrobalance. Participants doing partner balance, main a main and acroyoga must be from the same social bubble. People can also work individually in this rotation.

Balance, Juggle, Spin (4 spots)
In this area, participants can unicycle, spin on roue cyr, juggle, and/or walk on low tightwires.

2. Cleaning: areas and CircusWest equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between 1:45 and 2:00pm. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own apparatus / equipment. Participants will be asked to clean and disinfect what they use (equipment, mats) at the end of their session, using cleaning supplies provided by CircusWest.

3. Space: participants must stay only in the zone they registered into. Please leave the gym immediately after your session ends, to allow our staff to clean before the next participants arrive. When exiting/entering or using the bathroom, please follow the posted directional flow (arrows on the ground).

4. Orientation: all participants will be given an orientation on their first session. This will cover entering the building, the directional flow once inside, procedures if you become ill, etc. Please read over our Safety Plan before arriving. All participants will be sent a confirmation email when they register, which will include 5 required forms that need to be signed and returned on or by the first time you attend, as well as a link to the Daily Screening Checklist on our website (which needs to be completed each time you attend).

5. Payment: please pay for your training session before arriving to it. You can do this by updating your Member Profile Page (created when you register) with a credit card, or by calling in with credit card information for one-time payments (604-252-3679). If you have difficulty paying this way, please contact the office so we can arrange payment before your session: 604-252-3679 or Thank you!

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