Informal Training2021-09-16T15:39:18-07:00

Informal Training (and CATS)

Informal Training and CATS (Circus Artist Training Sessions) are for circus artists already trained in the equipment and disciplines they’ll be practicing. There is a coach on-site to set up equipment and watch for safety.

Please note, we will not be running Informal Training at this time.

*Please note, CATS has been restructured and is no longer “drop in”.

All participants will need to register in advance and show proof of vaccination.

To register for CATS:

Payment: please pay for your training session before arriving to it. You can do this by updating your Member Profile Page (created when you register) with a credit card, or by calling in with credit card information for one-time payments (604-252-3679). If you have difficulty paying this way, please contact the office so we can arrange payment before your session: 604-252-3679 or Thank you!

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