CirKids Sessionals

Our TGIC (Thank Goodness it’s Circus) classes, for ages 8 to 16, offer something for all interests and levels. Our Parent & Child Circus classes are for parents and kids aged 6 and up. (Note: the right-most column is the cost of the full class. It reads “Monthly Tuition”, we are fixing this.)

Level I is an introductory class for youth to learn acrobatic skills in balance, tumbling, contortion, mini trampoline and double mini tramp. Specific emphasis on body alignment, landings and technique of ballistic and non-ballistic tumbling skills will be explored. No experience necessary for this level but a desire to learn is a must.

Level II is aimed for youth who have considerable acrobatics/tumbling/gymnastics training and are able to successfully do a round-off back handspring. Students will learn power tumbling skills and advanced to flipping and twisting technique on Tumble Track, and Double Mini Tramp. Students must have prior training acrobatic/tumbling experience to take this class. Students should be able to hold and willing to train to improve strength and flexibility between classes.

This is an introductory class to learn the fundamentals of aerial hoop and trapeze, and to gain to confidence in the air. Students will be challenged to develop strength and flexibility on aerial apparatus while building smooth transitions between basic aerial skills and manoeuvres.

Level I is an introductory class where youth will learn climbing, wrapping and aerial silk basics in a safe and fun setting. Students will be encourage to work on developing strength and flexibility between sessions to aid in skill acquisition. Students do not need to have prior experience.

Level II is designed for youth who have previous tissu experience and can climb to the top of the tissu at least twice for warm up, achieve lace locks, invert without cheating, and can link more than 3 skills together. Students will learn more advanced wraps, forms and drops in this class and will be challenged to link skills together to develop a routine.

This class is designed for youth to learn trampoline fundamentals progressing to more advanced skills. Students will learn jumping technique, foundation skills and develop skill progressions necessary for flipping. Classes will be geared to each students level with emphasis on body alignment, spatial awareness and proper aerial technique. Class is open to beginner to intermediate level participants.

TGIC Uni is designed for youth to learn unicycle fundamentals progressing to more advanced skills.