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Professional Development

From our preparatory program to private coaching and audition mentoring, we offer a range of professional development opportunities for CircusWest graduates who want to take things to the next level.

Preparatory program

Our professional preparatory program will help CircusWest graduates prepare to study at accredited multi-year circus schools and institutions.

Working alongside top circus professionals and instructors, students will be led through a rigorous curriculum focusing on the development of strong foundation skills and the development of an audition act.

Professional development areas of focus:

  • Floor acrobatics (handstands, tumbling, trampoline, partner acrobatics)
  • Physical preparation (strength, flexibility, nutrition, and goal setting)
  • Aerial acrobatics (static trapeze, rope, aerial silks, and hoop)
  • Movement and dance (various forms and styles)
  • Theatre (improvisation, physical storytelling, acting, & mask)
  • Act creation in a selected discipline in preparation for auditions.

For more information about the Preparatory Program, please contact the artistic director, Jay Nunns.

Private coaching

CircusWest works one on one with circus artists to develop their potential as circus artists including technique, choreography, act development, and mentorship.

Circus audition mentoring and coaching

As partner with National Circus School western auditions, CircusWest offer audition preparedness orientation and training sessions to applicants auditioning for college-level circus programs for institutions like the National Circus School, Quebec Circus School, National Institute of Circus Arts, and others.

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