Adult & Teen Sessionals

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Adult & Teen Sessionals

For ages 13 to adult, these single-focus sessional classes cover popular circus arts as well as performance and conditioning skills.

Introductory classes will teach basic tumbling and acrobatic skills on the tumble track and rod floor. The class will focus on body alignment, tumbling skill acquisition, and the power generation needed to perform acrobatics safely and develop new skills. Yoga positions will used to develop proper technique.

Introductory classes will teach the fundamentals of aerial hoop and trapeze. Intermediate classes will focus on building transitions between skills and developing short routines. All students will gain confidence in the air while developing strength and flexibility on aerial apparatus.

Introductory classes are geared to beginners and intermediate students. Working in pairs and groups, students will learn basic skills and techniques for partner balancing, including partner pyramids and hand balancing.

Partner Acro is an exciting blend of partner yoga, acrobatics and circus main à main. This class introduces the fundamentals of static acrobatic and partner body balancing and it challenges partners to develop strength and flexibility through movement and dynamic balance.

This class uses progressive conditioning to develop the muscles necessary to handstand, climb, and tumble with confidence and ease. Find length and space in your body through passive, active, and partner stretching to work safely into backbends, splits, twists, and more.

Beginner trapeze students will enjoy this class as they build their swinging trapeze repertoire. In addition to learning new skills, students will be guided toward building a trapeze act with music of their choice.

Level I introductory classes are designed for individuals who have never done silks before, do not know how to climb, or have taken a silks class before and can barely climb. Students will learn to climb the tissu, inversion technique, and some basic tissu formations. Student will learn lacelock, half diaper, and be able to link 3 skills together.

Level II classes are for students who have experience on tissu and are able to climb to the top of the tissu at least twice for warmup, invert without cheating, and link more than 3 skills together while staying in the tissu. Students will work towards intermediate wrapping and release skills, and developing a routine.

Level I classes begin with non-inverted skills and moves participants toward developing Level II and III skills for inverted flipping and twisting.

Level I classes focus on basic unicycle skills. Students will learn how to get on and off the unicycle and practise riding using support (and possibly riding without support). Once students can ride in a straight line, they will work on turning, free mounts, idling, and more.