CircusWest is well-established in the Canadian circus community. We have friends in high places that you get to by trapeze or stilts—some who aren’t circus performers at all. Now and then, we ask those friends to share their skills with you.

We offer specialized workshops throughout the year, on a wide array of circus disciplines with specialists throughout North America. Try a single workshop, a series, or an intensive workshop with CircusWest and unleash your inner circus artist/athlete.

For information on upcoming workshops, watch this page and our Event Calendar.

Workshops with Moroccan Acrobats

CircusWest, in a community initiative with the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, is honoured to offer two amazing acrobatic and group pyramid workshops led by the professional performers of Morocco’s Groupe Acrobatique de Tangier. Six artists/instructors from the Group Arobatique de Tanger will lead two-hour workshops based on the teachings of the brotherhood of Sidi Ahmed o Moussa, a 15th century Sufi sage.
The acrobats will demonstrate technique and forms and invite participants to develop skills their abilities in the disciplines of circular acrobatics, tall human pyramids, circus lifts and carrying. Participants should have a background in the movement arts (circus, dance, acrobatics, yoga, or gymnastics) for this workshop which involves pyramid building acrobatics, and physical conditioning. The class will cover a collective warm-up, introduction to Moroccan acrobatics techniques, collective demonstration and discussion time.