Just over a month and a half until CircusWest premieres NEVERLAND as our annual May show! Can you feel the excitement build? Can you hear the clock ticking? It sounds like a crocodile…

Rehearsals for our Peter Pan origin story, going up May 11-14 2017, are well underway. Our dedicated coaches have worked though the Spring Break to begin crafting their acts for the show, and things are coming along swimmingly. Our performers—students in the Centre Stage and Performance CirKid classes—are learning acts in aerials, trampoline, juggling, unicycle…the list goes on. Students in the Ensemble class will do a pre-show performance before the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening productions (May 12, 13 and 14).

Staging and blocking (choreographing how the acts will look and flow onstage) will begin in April, and already we have set pieces and costumes on their way. Volunteers have been working feverishly on the costumes since January. A thirty-foot unicycle crocodile is being built in the deep recesses of the concourse at CircusWest. Come May, the CircusWest building you know and love will begin to transform into Pan’s fantastical home. Slowly but surely, Neverland is coming to life!

This is a story built on the familiar tale of Peter Pan, but it isn’t that story. It’s a new one. An origin story, of what Peter was like before he met Wendy, of who Hook was before he lost his hand. It’s an exploration of the magic and delighted mayhem of Neverland. It’s a story we’ve wanted to tell for ages—and one we’re very excited to be sharing with you in (tick tock) 53 days and counting.
We’re doing two school matinee performances of this child- (and inner child) friendly show, on Thursday May 11 and Friday May 12. School groups receive a special discounted price. Book your tickets now, and secure your chance to see the show that’s already booked in a Chilliwack theatre for November, a Children’s Festival in February and a potential tour in June 2018!

So come! Come support the artistry and passion of the CircusWest family, and witness the incredible talent of our coaches and students. Come dream with us about a world that exists outside our own, and a boy that never grows up.